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On behalf of the Social Democratic Party of Kenya (SDP) I send fraternal revolutionary greetings to you comrades in Seoul, South Korea, as you launch The Min Plus. Congratulations comrades for defying the oppressive propaganda mainstream media organized by US imperialism and the reactionary and treacherous puppet regime based in South Korea. Thank you for launching the alternative true and progressive The Min Plus media that will continue to articulate the genuine wishes and aspirations of the patriotic forces for an anti - imperialist and united socialist Korea.

We in Kenya are also committed to the struggle against colonialism, neocolonialism, imperialism and capitalism salute you comrades of South Korea for remaining loyal to your world famous, gallant, legendary and inspiring history of struggle in which your revolutionary people and leaders led by among others comrade Kim Ill Sung armed with Juche ideology defeated the fascist Japanese and US colonial and neocolonial powers and also feudalism and capitalism in the northern part of your country. We are also aware that the defeated reactionary forces established themselves in the southern part of your country from Seoul with the support of US imperialism from where they perpetuate the imperialist division of Korea. We also know that US imperialism and its puppet regime based in Seoul uses US military forces and bases - the largest in the region - , systems of organized terror, false propaganda and physical and psychological torture of patriotic citizens to maintain the dictatorial and capitalist regime and system that delays the reunification of Korea. We say ‘delays’ because we believe that sooner or later Korea will be reunited while capitalism and imperialism defeated.

Many of you comrades launching The Min Plus have been forced to spend many years in prison where you underwent unimaginable torture. You also have comrades, friends and fellow patriots and revolutionaries that have been persecuted viciously in many ways by the oppressors. The fact that you continue with the struggle despite all this is a great inspiration to us and all people in the world struggling for freedom, national liberation, justice and peace. As a person who has also spent many years in prison under solitary confinement and torture in Kenya, I convey my heartfelt appreciation and admiration to you in this regard.

Finally comrades, you can always count on SDP’s solidarity for The Min Plus and all it represents and for the continuing struggle for the liberation of Korea from capitalism and imperialism and for the reunification of Korea which is a just struggle that is part and parcel of the struggle for the freedom and liberation of humanity.

Long live The Min Plus! Long live the struggle for the reunification of Korea!

Long live anti - imperialist solidarity! Long live socialism!

Mwandawiro Mghanga
Chairperson - Social Democratic Party of Kenya
Executive committee member- Africa Left Networking Forum

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

14 Mar 2018 14:24

The Social Democratic Party of Kenya (SDP) and the Kenya Cuba Friendship Society (KCFS) welcomes the State visit to the Republic of Cuba by His Excellency President Uhuru Kenyatta. This visit further cements the good relations that Kenya has had with Cuba over the years. For instance, Kenya has consistently over the years, alongside almost all the Countries of the world, voted in support of the resolution to end the blockade that has been imposed on Cuba by US imperialism for the past 55 years. In 2016 Kenya opened her first embassy in Cuba (while Cuba opened hers in Kenya in 2001). Cuba has, [ ... ]

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16 Dec 2016 07:34

On 7th December 2016, Mr. Ezra Chiloba, the Chief Executive Officer of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) caused a lot panic and confusion after announcing that all Political Parties and candidates for the 2017 general elections should register with the Commission the details of their Campaign Financing Committee by the deadline date of 8th December 2016 (the following day). Hundreds of Kenyans who think that they might vie for various positions in 2017 hurriedly opened bank accounts and rushed to the IEBC offices where amid great pandemonium, they submitted the require [ ... ]

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Homage to Comrade Fidel Castro; Lessons for Humanity
04 Dec 2016 19:29

As Comandante Fidel Castro’s ashes are interred today (4th December 2016) in Santiago de Cuba, the place where the July 26th rebel movement began its journey to overthrow dictatorship and capitalism, there are many lessons that Kenyans and the whole of humanity can learn from the life of this great legend. He remains a great inspiration to the young people of this country who are disturbed by the ever rising levels of poverty, greed and corruption. In his twenties, Fidel’s conviction for a just society led him into organising two attempts to overthrow the then military dictatorship of Ful [ ... ]

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04 Dec 2016 19:20

by Mwandawiro Mghanga, Chairperson of Kenya - Cuba Friendship Society and Social Democratic Party of Kenya (SDP)  n this occasion, when we commemorate the passing on of comrade Fidel, I have decide to reproduce the poem that I wrote in Kiswahili about two years ago about him[1]. Yes, Fidel is no longer with us physically but since he died a hero as I predicted (just as many of us did too) Fidel lives on. And because even Fidel was a human being and therefore mortal, we did not expect him to live forever. We needed him all the time but we always knew that like all of us he would one day pass [ ... ]

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